MAY 2005 

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While we were in town we thought we'd drop by a friend's house.



Saturday morning was spent at the National Air and Space Museum.  Here we are in front of the Apollo 11 command module that brought the first moon walkers back home.


Preparing to board CRQ One for the trip back home.

We took a quick picture in both directions from the center of the Mall.  It was a spectacular day in D.C.


The Saturday night concert was a Riverton First United Methodist Church in Front Royal, VA.

Our accomodations on Saturday night were in the historic Hotel Strasburg in Strasburg, VA.  The interior was a little girly for us, but I'm sure our wives would have loved it.


Sunday morning we visited the new branch of the Air and Space Museum, the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center located right by Dulles.  The center houses many historic aircraft, including the Enola Gay, the B-29 which dropped the first atomic bomb.


The center also houses the Space Shuttle Enterprise, which never flew in space but was used in the early flight testing.



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