January 4 & 5 we made our 4th appearance at the Rockport Gospel Music Festival in Rockport, TX.  We sang to about 600 on Friday night, and 800 on Saturday.  They always have a great crowd in Rockport!

You just can't hold that book far enough  away for Mernie to read it.

We decided to go casual in Rockport this year due to our travel schedule (we had to leave for the airport 45 minutes after our Saturday stand), and Greg and Don took some grief from a flight attendant later that day for the matching shirts.

Sunday morning found us at Trinity Nazarene in Oklahoma City in their beautiful new worship center.

This is the magnificent interior of the church's worship center - definately Five Star!


Can't go casual here - it's back to the singing suits.

Hitting the big ending

Sunday afternoon we spent a moving 90 minutes at the Oklahoma National Memorial, the site of the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Federal Building. The museum is housed in th4 building at the rear, and the lawn in front has 168 empty chairs - one for each of the victims arranged according their location in the building.

The Gallery of Honor houses an individual display for each of the victims, including a photo and a personal item chosen by their families to represent them.  You really get a sense of the loss as you walk through this circular room.

Sunday night we sang for a good crowd at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene. Rick's cousin, Harlan Moore, is the church's music pastor.  Sorry,no photos were available of us performing in Bethany (I'm sure we looked alot like we did on Sunday morning).


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