JANUARY 7-9, 2005

Read the article about the trip. 



Opening our set on Saturday night.



The patented quartet "big ending".



We've always got to sing one out of the red book.

Raise your hands if you're sure...

Rick with Rachel, one of the American Sign Language interpreters.  Rachel and her mom, Angel, provided all of the signing for the three day event - almost 25 hours worth.  Rachel is not as old as she looks - she's a senior in high school and put on an old lady wig when she came out to work with us.  Rick's giving her some pointers in the photo on the right.



Our guest lead singer Eric Baesel and his wife Laura working the product booth.



CRQ with Master of Ceremonies, David Fountain.  We wish now that we had taken this photo when David was wearing his pink suit - you wouldn't have believed it.


Lou Hildreth, the first lady of gospel music, traveled down to Rockport again this year.


Sunday morning at First Baptist of Portland we were joined by Eric's uncle and aunt, Berle and Ruth Green from Victoria, TX.



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