August 10-11, 2007

Read the article about the trip. 


We spent a total of 13 1/2 hours in Jimmy Mac's studio in Ventura working on the new 15th Anniversary project (as yet unnamed).


Greg marveling at Rick's dulcet tones (or laughing at his attempt at dulcet tones).




Getting the oooo's right.


Mernie and Tom crack up at something that wasn't supposed to get on the recording.


 When we started recording in 1992 everything went on 2" 24-track tape.  Now it all gets recorded right into Jimmy Mac's computer for ease in editing and fixing.

Two weeks later - the mixdown:


We spent about 15 hours doing this...sitting and listening while making little tweaks here and there to the mix.



Tom also played a big role in the mixdown


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