Here's a little walk down memory lane with 10 years of CRQ publicity photos.  Most of the photos have been marked with the names of the group members, and the dates that each particular combination worked together.


This isn't an old picture of CRQ, but it is the first time Rick and Greg ever performed together in a quartet.  This photo was taken January 2, 1983 as the new personnel in the Watchmen took the stage for the first time in Garden Grove.



This is the first official publicity photo of The Crimson River Quartet taken in August, 1992 outside Greg's church in Corona.  How about that flattop??  This shot also served as the album cover for "Safe Forever", our first recording.




This was our first official "live" shot taken during a rehearsal several weeks before our first concert.



This shot was taken in April, 1993 following our first concert promotion.  This photo became the cover of our second recording, "What a Meeting!!".



This family photo was taken the same night as the above shot, and was used on the inside cover of our "What a Meeting!! recording.



In September 1993 Tom Moore joined us on the keyboard, and for awhile our "quartet" had five members.  This group was responsible for the recording of our third and fourth projects, "Praise and Worship" and "Through Another Day".



Tom became both the piano player and lead singer in July, 1995.  This combination recorded our first live video, "An Evening with The Crimson River Quartet".



Eric Baesel joined the fun in February, 1997, and for a time we again had 5 members.  Greg left at the end of 1997 and this is the group that recorded our sixth project, "Rock of Ages".



This shot was taken on stage at Point Loma First Church of the Nazarene during a photo shoot for our "Rock of Ages" project.  It didn't make the cover, but it did make the back of the CD.



Following Tom's retirement, this group went on to record CRQ's seventh project and our second video, "Live at Lake Hills!".  For the first time since 1993 we were working without a pianist.



After Eric moved to Texas, Don Hofer joined the group as lead singer.  This group is still going strong today.



The quartet during a concert appearance in January, 2002 at Trinity Nazarene Church in Oklahoma City, OK.



CRQ during the 10th Anniversary Celebration on September 28, 2002.



All current and former members together for one special night - our 10th Anniversary!


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