SEPTEMBER 3-5, 2005

Read the article about the trip. 


After flying into Colorado Springs, we drove 57 miles up into the Rockies to Lake George, CO and stopped in at Greg's sister's beautiful home. This is the view from her deck with Pike's Peak in the background.


Greg, Eric, Mernie and Rick on the deck in Lake George.


Saturday night we sang at Lake George Bible Church, a beautiful little log church.


The boys singing at Lake George Bible Church.



If they'd known we were coming they'd have baked a cake.  Well, they did.....and they did!

As we were driving to the church on Sunday morning we were treated to the site of dozens of hot air balloons which were taking part in a balloon festival.


Sunday morning we sang in both services at The Springs Nazarene Church in Colorado Springs.



Sunday night we were at Eastborough Nazarene in Colorado Springs.  

Even in Colorado we had our name in lights...



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